Rogoziński Villa

ul. Klasztorna 2, Kraków



The Rogoziński Villa is a historic building erected in the 19th century. The building has a basement as well as a usable attic; the total usable area of all the rooms is 533 m2.


The findings of the plan as well as the conservation requirements allow for the use of the building for service purposes. Its direct proximity to the Cistercian Abbey in Mogiła makes the property ideal as a gastronomic building or hotel-conference complex.



The investment is for service, gastronomic or hotel-conference purposes.


Rogoziński Villa is a one-storey building located in the eastern part of Kraków, in Nowa Huta, about 8.5 km from the Main Market Square.

The building is situated in the quiet surroundings of a picturesque park; the broad lawns and rows of old trees give this place its unique character. This quiet, neighbourhood, tranquil and green, encourages relaxation and recreation.

Near Rogoziński Villa is the historic Cistercian Abbey of Our Lady of Clara Tumba in Mogiła, which is often visited by tourists. The monastery was erected in the 13th century and rebuilt several times, but its gothic cloisters, prior’s house from the mid-15th century and abbot’s palace from the 16th century have been preserved. Numerous historic paintings and statues, including a crucifix venerated since the Middle Ages as well as a Renaissance-style wall paintings, attract thousands of visitors.



The property is located in the area covered by the conditions of the local spatial management plan for the NOWA HUTA CENTRE region, in the area for service buildings.


The Rogoziński Villa is protected for conservation particularly concerning the shape and height of the building itself as well as the façade in terms of its décor, architectural details, the partitions and colour of the window frames, the historic colour of the façade and individual historic elements.


There is a conditional possibility for letting in more light in the attic with dormers or skylights.