Property at Brzączowice

Located directly on Dobczycki Lake area



A spacious, scenic plot with an area of approximately 5 ha, located on Lake Dobczycki area; the location of the plot ensures a delightful view of the lake and the surrounding hills.


An asphalt-topped public road allows for easy access.


The regular rectangular shape with the dimensions of 220 x 240 m allows for the functional usage of the space.


The property has access to the water supply, sewerage, power, telephone and gas networks.


In accordance with the local spatial management plan for Brzączowice, the plot is located in the services area.



An ideal location for recreational facilities. An excellent place for a resort hotel – conference centre, sanatorium, health resort or SPA centre.


The property is located directly on Dobczycki Lake area in the picturesque village of Brzączowice, which belongs to the commune of Dobczyce, approx. 25 km from Kraków.

The plot is located in tourist areas of great natural beauty, surrounded by the scenic hills of Island Beskids and Wielickie Hills, fields and valleys.

The extensive recreational areas abound with tourist trails, and the clean air and water ensure excellent conditions for leisure.


The area of Brzączowice and Lake Dobczycki is a picturesquely-located area between Wielickie Hills and the Island Beskids, in the Raba river valley. The area consists of hills of varying steepness as well as flat ridges that ensure that hiking and biking enjoy great popularity here.

The rich history, monuments, stunning landscapes, and the existing tourist infrastructure and the numerous cultural events make these areas an attractive base for weekend excursions for the residents of neighbouring Kraków and a rest stop for tourists.

The excellent transport links between the national roads from the region’s most popular cities, Kraków and Zakopane, are additional advantages.



The area is covered by the provisions of the local spatial management plan for the village.  It is not required to obtain a decision on the conditions for development and management of the area to begin the investment.


The area has been designated as a location for commercial, service, administrative and cultural structures, as well as those for crafts and small-scale production.


The permitted building height is 12 m, with the exception of specific structures whose height and overall dimensions are dominant in the town landscape.


The implementation of the investment is possible after the demolition of the garage and manufacturing buildings located on the total area of 3,391 m2.